Minnesota Travels

HELLO-O-O-O!!! Well, I'm sitting here at my computer, wondering when pressing keys on a keyboard became so exhausting. I ran a brush through my hair this morning, but was too tired to finish the ritual and ended up leaving my hair alone for the moment. I'm curled up in a sweatshirt, hoping that no one … Continue reading Minnesota Travels

Please Welcome . . . Shadow And Nugget!!!

*takes deep breath* Guess what!!! *pauses for effect* For the past few weeks, my family has been talking about getting me and my siblings pets. After a few weeks of deliberation, Hattush decided to get sugar gliders. (Baruch was disappointed that she chose sugar gliders over a pet dog) We brought home Dreamer and Ink … Continue reading Please Welcome . . . Shadow And Nugget!!!

Introducing…THE BANDIT POST!

Hey! I’m so excited to be introducing my little brother’s blog! Go check it out here…

Daughter of the Light

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a great new blog and blogger here on WordPress! Please welcome…..NAHUM and THE BANDIT POST! He will be posting once every week and sharing his life, writing, and of course his thoughts on weapons! Please check it out and give him a like, a follow and a comment! 😉

I have Nahum here to talk a bit about his blog!

Me: Why did you start your blog?

Nahum:  You suggested it, and it sounded like a good idea ’cause I’m usually bored!

Me: Why did you choose the name The Bandit Post?

Nahum: I don’t know! It’s what the search engines came up with! 🙂

Me: What will your main topics be about?

Nahum: I’m mainly going to write about my stories and maybe sometimes stuff that is happening in my life.

Me: Do you have any news that you want to share…

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