Why You Need To Visit Patagonia By Averey Fitzgerald

Hello everyone!

I know that I haven’t really been posting all that much… we were on a vacation for about two weeks and we got back… thirteen days ago?? And then I’ve just been bored and uninspired to post… plus, I’ve been kind of sad and stuff and when I’m sad, I don’t really have a great desire to go post on my blog, sooooooooo….

I was talking with my pen-pal Averey Fitzgerald on the phone the other day and I was telling her about my… un-inspiration… and she offered to let me post this article she wrote about Patagonia. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get back to posting soon.

Thanks for letting me post this, Averey!

Why you need to visit Patagonia


Ar the southern tip of South America lies a land untouched by human hands, yet incredibly beautiful to the human eye where the beauty and awe of this land may be one of the best-kept secrets of an amazing vacation destinations. Though untouched by human hands, this is a amazing example that this land  has obviously been formed by the almighty hands of our wonderful God.

Where is this you may you saying? Patagonia(pAE-tuh-gOH-nee-uh).


Never even heard of it? Well you are about to be flooded with things you never even dreamed of.

Imaginetravel.com wrote: “There is no adjective that can best describe how awe-inspiring it is here. It is a vast and remote wilderness bursting with jagged mountains, emerald forests, snow-capped peaks, luminous lakes, and ice fields.”

If you want a vacation where you have jagged snow covered peaks, enormous glaciers, wind-swept grasslands, scenic coastlines, and majestic scenery, it would be very hard to imagine a better place to go to have an adventure than the vast and amazing Patagonia.

Did you know that Patagonia is famous for its wonderful hiking, amazing horseback riding experience, rock climbing, and mountaineering? If you like doing any of those things, I am sure you will want to visit Patagonia to try it!!

Famous mountain climber Yvon Chouinard said, “It is a mystical, almost imaginary place.”

The scenery is so incredible you may never want to leave the jagged mountains, quiet forests, and peaceful valleys. Everywhere you look , you may feel you are looking at the perfect scene for a beautiful postcard!

Do you love animals? If so, you will love the variety of amazing and diverse  wildlife in Patagonia.

I mean, who would want to pass up the opportunity to swim with graceful sea lions, experience one of the best places for whale watching as the majestic whales rise out of the water, and walk (or waddle) with sleek penguins??!! You can even actually walk in a penguin colony, coming within inches of the of the penguins!

The Andean Condor can be found throughout Patagonia and has the largest wingspan of any other land bird. You may also catch glimpses of foxes, flamingo’s, puma’s, and like I said, condor’s and penguins.

Patagonia also offers some of the best snorkeling in the world! While snorkeling you may see amazing fish, sea lions, dolphins and much more!!

You may also see that traveling to Patagonia would be a amazing lesson in science.

Want to visit Patagonia yet? I definitely know I do! That would be one science lesson I would be real eager to do!!


Averey.N. Fitzgerald

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