2019 in Review

Wow. This year is over. Really over. This year has been kinda hard, but it has drawn me so much closer to my dear Savior!

So, on we go!
~ Our largely growing church broke up and it was very difficult trying to find a new church. It was a very hard substitution for me, (and my whole family) (Jan.)
~ A dear family we know faced a devastating event that will forever change their lives. It effected so many. (Feb.)
~ In April I hit my one-year mark for having braces!
~ In May my cousin got married! It was a wonderful wedding! I’m so happy for them!
It was kinda awkward because it was such a fancy wedding and we aren’t fancy people….

~I became a teenager in June! I had a wonderful birthday, but my plans didn’t go as planed… I wanted to go swimming, but…the WATER WAS SO COLD!!! Bummer.
Friends did get to come over that night and we had fun!

~At the end of June us and two other families created a church! It was so nice having unity fellowship again!!!
~ Our family welcomed Levi Malachi into this world on Aug.5! HE.IS.GROWING.TO.FAST!!!! It is wonderful having a new lil’ brother around! He recently kinda found his voice and always seems to be smiling and cooing!

AHH!!! Cuteness overload!

~I met my first pen-pal in October!!! It was so nice getting to meet Jehosheba! Definitely a day to remember! The bad thing is, we forgot to take pictures together……*facepalm*

~ The end of November brought another devastating event to another family. It was heart-wrenching and just seeing their pain was worth breaking into tears.

~The middle of December found daddy in the ER with severe stomach pains. He came home 2 days later with no appendix. (Please keep him in your prayers as he is still continuing to recover.)

~CHRISTMAS!!!! It was a wonderful day spent as a family!


~ We hosted a sweet family from Canada last week! It was a wonderful time of sweet fellowship and plenty of memories!

~OH, and I nicknamed this year the year of moving. Why? Because FIVE families ended up moving this year! Three closer, two moved away. Hehe, people we know barely ever move, so 5 in a year was pretty big! *laugh*

~ I became a better artist this year! I completed my first successful pastel drawing and watercolor paints became my best friend :).

~ Speaking of friends, I became so much closer to my dear sister, and really became better friends with 5 kids that I know consider my closest friends!

I think that about summed up most of the major events………
So yeah…….this year was definitely unlike any other year…
Until next year!





10 thoughts on “2019 in Review”

  1. Extra random comment because I’m in a commenting mood: your pastel artwork is really pretty! I like it! Ooh wow, you use water color paints? I can’t ever get them to work for me at all….. any tips?
    And, Averey, this year has been rough for a lot of us. ❀ I wish that it wasn't at all, but I'm proud of you and of Cailyn for being so brave in everything. ❀ Love you all!


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