BIBPC #7 Averey's Team Winter's entries for Category 2

YAY for BIBPC #7 Team Winter!!! I am so excited to participate in it this year! For her second category she chose, FAST!
So……. I decided to go out on a limb. This round I took a picture of a…….speedometer!
Hey, it was going quite fast, right? 70 MPH! Quite fast in my opinion.*nods head* (She slowed down after I took the picture BTW….)
Sadly, the quality isn’t the best, but I got a picture in a MOVING CAR, it’s not that easy, lemme tell ya.
So anyway, there you go for round 2!!!

That’s it for now!

19 thoughts on “BIBPC #7 Averey's Team Winter's entries for Category 2”

    1. Okay! I just was wondering whether it was something about my computer . . . (shrugs) I wonder why, though. I really want to see the pictures, but it just isn’t working. All I see when I look at the pictures is a small round gray circle with a line through it. ??????

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      1. I don’t know. (shrugs) But looking at the comments below, it’s not just us. And no, Averey should not stop blogging! (shakes head) 🙂 And yeah, I can see the pictures on your blog, Hattush, but not this one. (shrugs) But apparently Jehosheba can see them! Maybe she has a magic computer.


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