Hey everyone!

Today I decided to post a short (very short) story I wrote yesterday called Lucy. I had quite a few reasons.

One, I do have a few future blog post ideas, but I didn’t have time to write all of those out.

Two, I realized that I probably need more feedback on my writing because I do not share it very often.

But three is my main motivation. How many of you read this post? Well, I decided to clear Skillet’s name by writing a story based on one of their songs, Lucy. (WHICH YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW!!!)

Now I don’t really know what the song was actually about, so most of this is just me guessing… BUT IT WAS INSPIRED BY LUCY!!!!

At any rate, I’m going to stop rambling, swallow my nervous twittering and post…

(Quick note: my blog messed up all of my spacing AGAIN, so sorry about that… :/)



Jehosheba Reschly

The sound of falling rain echoed across the cemetery as a shattering clap of thunder boomed throughout the darkness. A flash of light silhouetted the kneeling form of a tall men, doubled over with the obvious pain that came from deep within his heart.
A single word escaped his lips as his shaking, tattooed hand softly laid down a bouquet of roses. Burning tears carved their way down his bitter, hard face as he brushed a few leaves away and read the name engraved in the stone.
A sob of agony broke the heavy silence. “I should never have taken you for granted.” He whispered, emotion choking his voice.
There was freedom in those eight words.
When he had known Lucy, she was energetic and full of life. Anyone who saw them envied their happiness and the sweet laughter she brought to him.
But somewhere along the way, the joy she had brought to his everyday tasks was lost. Somewhere along the way, something else had become more important. Deadlines and pressure and work piled up into a mountain that blocked her smiling face from his view.
He remembered the last time he had seen her. He walked in the door, exhausted from a long day at his job. He had sat down with a cup of coffee. When she walked in the room, she ran over for a hug. Somehow, the cup managed to empty its contents onto a large pile of paperwork.
He remembered yelling at her, staring into her shy, brown eyes with fierce anger.
If he had known it would be the last night he would ever look into those eyes, what would he have done differently?
And now he was left here, staring at a dozen roses cowering under the force of the storm. Today should have been a day of celebration. He should have been holding her hand as she blew out candles on her cake. He should have been telling her how much he loved her.
Instead he was here.
Whispering over and over again how sorry he was.
As he bowed his head, weeping loudly, his forehead touched the stone. A picture appeared in his mind.
There she was. Lucy, holding his hand and skipping across a bed of flowers. What if that had been him? What if he could have changed? What if she came back to give him a second chance? It was a life he could have had. Something so sweet had been in his grasp.
And he had let it go.
A torrent of longing overcame the trembling figure as he stood up and slowly left the cemetery, wondering what might have been.


So… what did you think? Did you discover the softer side of Skillet? Did you listen to the song Lucy?

12 thoughts on “Lucy”

  1. Haven’t heard the song, but this story is amazing. When Jehosheba first sent it to me, I cried. I started crying because it was just such an emotional story. Shout out to Jehosheba, a very talented writer. ❤ Great job, girl. Proud of you for posting it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks, Lydia!!! You know I find your writing AMAZING, so that’s a huge compliment. *blushes* And you should definitely hear the song Lucy!!!


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