Photography Contest Results & Prompt Three!!!


Today I’m posting the results from week two of this photography contest! I was so excited to see your pictures! You all did amazing. I think this week was even harder than the last one.

This week I get to have my incredible friend, Averey, helping me judge! We’ll both judge on creativity, skill, and whatever “strikes our fancy”. 😀 Her answers will be in bold.

Picture One:



WOW. This is like… wow. Every little detail on here adds to the mysterious feel of it all! I love all the thought put into this one.

Hm… this picture is different. I love the whole “mysterious” feel about it! 

My points: 19

Averey’s points: 12

Points for this round: 31

Total points: 44

Picture Two:



This makes me think of some sort of adventure… like being lost in the woods. *laughs* I love the tree stump laying on the ground!

I wanna take a hike!! This picture reminds me of all the “treasures” you can find!

My points: 11

Averey’s points: 8

Points for this round: 19

Total points: 36

Picture Three:



Ah-h-h-h, this picture has such a quiet, abandoned feel. It makes me want to know the story behind it!

Well, this picture is a bit mysterious. I think this would have fallen in to a more “old” category though. I would kinda like to know all the “how’s” though. Don’t you? XD

My points: 19

Averey’s points: 12

Points for this round: 31

Total points: 44

Picture Four:

Happy Sis


*screams* This picture looks crazy mysterious! I’m already trying to think of a story for those shoes… XD

This one is actually pretty good! It feels pretty mysterious! Why were they there?
What happened to the person? 🙂

My points: 19

Averey’s Points: 14

Points for this round: 33

Total points: 49

Picture Five:



*sobs* This is such a sad picture! I love the emotions you captured in it. ❤

A burning paper? What did it say? We’ll never know…… mysterious. 🙂

My points: 15

Averey’s points: 9

Points for this round: 24

Total points: 41

Picture Six:



This picture is so-o-o-o crazy mysterious! I can’t seem to figure it out!

WHOA!!! Now this one is GOOD! I love the whole feel of it! Whoever did this one did
very well!

My points: 20

Averey’s points: 18

Points for this round: 38

Total points: 56

Picture Seven:

Mr. Hawkins


This kind of makes me think of Narnia! XD I don’t know why, but that’s the thought that comes to mind when I see it! 😉

Now that’s a little better! Pretty mysterious!

My points: 12

Averey’s points: 10

Points for this round: 22

Total points: 37

Picture Eight:



*gasps* I LOVE THE SNOW COVERED TREES!!! I have a strange obsession with snow covered things… XD

This picture is very good! Very beautiful!

My points: 14

Averey’s points: 11

Points for this round: 25

Total points: 36

Picture Nine:



Is it wrong that I look at this picture and really want to go see why this area is called “hazardous”???? *covers mouth with hand*

Oh! Who went to my grandfather’s woods to take this picture?! He has a scene that
looks about the same! Just kidding! I always wondered why those signs were there…

My points: 13

Averey’s points: 10

Points for this round: 23

Total points: 38

Picture Ten:



Another snow-covered picture!!! I love the detail and layers of snow here!! ❤

Wow! That must’ve taken a bit of work to get a picture like that! What’s so mysterious though?

My points: 14

Averey’s points: 9

Points for this round: 23

Total points: 38

Picture Eleven:



*bawls* This is such a tragic picture! It makes me think of waiting. Again, I want to ask all sorts of questions about it!!!

Oh my! Looks very familiar! So very tragic-looking though! I wonder what was so
sad? She looks lonely! (Maybe ‘cause she wants to go out and socialize but can’t
because of this virus.) XD

My points: 18

Averey’s points: 20

Points for this round: 38

Total points: 49

Picture Twelve:



*is speechless* This is such a beautiful picture! I love the surrounding darkness: it looks so-o-o mysterious!

Wow!!! *sighs* That’s pretty good! Good job whoever! 🙂 I love the darkness…

My points: 19

Averey’s points: 16

Points for this round: 35

Total points: 46

Picture Thirteen:



I love this picture! The whole thing looks like something secret and, well, mysterious!!!

Aww!!! I wonder what she’s praying for! XD Such a cute picture!

My points: 19

Averey’s points: 13

Points for this round: 32

Total points: 51

Picture Fourteen:



Hmm… this kid looks really familiar, but I just cannot remember where I’ve seen him before… XD Hey, Nahum. I love the whole feel of this picture: like there’s something behind the fence that’s calling you…

Wow! Great pose, Nahum. XD This picture really has a mysterious feel about it! It’s like he wants to go out but can’t. Reminds me of the Nazi camps…

My points: 19

Averey’s points: 20

Points for this round: 39

Total points: 57

Picture Fifteen:



*jaw collapses on floor* This is such an amazing picture!!! I love the wonder and curiosity of everything!

Hmm… wonder what’s down that drain? Lol. They seem pretty eager!

My points: 20

Averey’s points: 14

Points for this round: 34

Total points: 53

Picture Sixteen:



*jaw falls off completely* THIS PICTURE!!!!!!! IT IS SO GORGEOUS! I love the clouds and the mountains in the distance… one day, if I ever write another mystery story, I’m going to have to use this as my cover photo. XD

*jaw drop* OH. MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you get that picture???!!!!!! That is just amazing! Such a mysterious feel!

My points: 20

Averey’s points: 20

Points for this round: 40

Total points: 59

Picture Seventeen:



Ha, ha! I love this! A brave hero going off to face something unknown. *laughs* 😉

Aww… what a cute lil’ hero!

My points: 15

Averey’s points: 12

Points for this round: 27

Total points: 43

Picture Eighteen:



Hello again, Nahum! XD This picture is so cool: it feels like he’s searching for something; or lost. I love it!

Wow! This person did an amazing job! (Getting tired of modeling, Nahum?) XD

Picture Nineteen:



WOW, this picture looks so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o mysterious! I love the angle, too: it’s so intriguing.

*cry* What happened???? Cemeteries make me so sad…

My points: 20

Averey’s points: 15

Points for this round: 35

Total points:


So, once again, you guys have left me speechless. And now, you can do it again! Here is the prompt for week three, which Averey came up with…











And, you’ll be getting bonus points on a scale of one-to-ten, based on how hard your picture made us laugh! Photos are due by April 5th.

Have fun with this prompt and I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!


24 thoughts on “Photography Contest Results & Prompt Three!!!

  1. Rosy Marr

    I love all those!!!! Some of those are AMAZING! ❤ I love the new prompt. This should be fun!!! And do you think on the bottom of these posts, you could have a list of all the people and all their total scores in order like Hattush did for her contest? I don't know if that makes sense or not. XD I just thought it would be nice to see at a glance who's winning, and who-has-how-many points. 🙂 If not, that's totally fine!!! 😉
    Thanks for hosting this contest- it's been so fun!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jehosheba

      I know!!! Yeah, his was re-e-e-e-eally pretty. 😉 ❤ I've tried taking pictures of mountains before and they never quite work out. *sobs*


  2. Ray

    These are really great! I All of you take wonderful photos!

    I really like trails into the unknown, especially somewhat overgrown. Hey! That could be part of a poem!

    I wanted to play around with the lighting and tried using a colored flashlight. But instead of a magical looking glow it always ended up looking too artificial and obvious where the light source was coming from, so I just submitted the plain. I also wanted it darker, but my phone doesn’t get as much detail when dark and I’m not good at editing.

    Here are some others I tried though if interested. I think my favorite is the last one, even though the lighting isn’t quite what I wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jehosheba

      Thanks! 🙂 😛
      XD Ha, ha, yeah!
      I looked at your pictures and they do look really cool and mysterious! I like the ones with the colored flashlight! Yeah, my IPhone always makes the darker photos blur together too. :/ But I liked the picture you submitted!

      Liked by 1 person

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