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Hello, people!

I’m sure that by now you know that I love music. I’ve always loved it: when I was ten, I would sit in our living room listening to the radio and coloring in one of my coloring books. I would pass hours doing this. But last year is when I started actually finding new artists and bands that I liked.

I’ve done various posts in which I obsessed about music, but here I’m just going to share some of my favorite songs. Check them out because they are amazing!!!


Better For You—Kutless

I know it seems too wrong to be right

This way is so much harder to fight

But in the end I know it is true

This way is better, it’s better for you

I heard this song at the beginning of January and the lyrics really stood out to me. It’s basically saying, “Although you can’t see it now, God is doing something incredible in your life. It’s better this way.”

Dear Agony—Breaking Benjamin ft. Lacey Sturm


The lights go out

Let forever

Drag me down

I will fight for one last breath

I will fight until the end

Do Yo Thang—KJ-52

I don’t think the kid is well

He sends viruses to his own email

He got 5 text messages all from himself

Saying your wack dude LOL

KJ-52 is currently my favorite rapper. Whenever I need to laugh I turn on his music because it is hilarious.

Free—7eventh Time Down ft. KJ-52

I’ve been a dark horse

Running for way too long

Chasing down dreams

Where I don’t belong

And I could try

For the rest of my life

To give up everything

While I beg to die


I’ll Find You—Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly

Just fight a little longer my friend

It’s all worth it in the end

But when you got nobody to turn to

Just hold on, and I’ll find you

I’ll find you

I’ll find you

Just hold on, and I’ll find you

Life Screams—Lacey Sturm

Grand speeches pour out with the rain

On streets where no one’s listening

And you curse the cold wind on your face

But she’s trying to tell you something

A song unfolds in the distance

Somehow you feel it in your soul

But you carry on with your business

Like you didn’t hear this melody

That calls you home

Lacey Sturm is one of my favorite female singers. She was the lead singer on the band Flyleaf, which is one of my favorite bands!

New Horizons—Flyleaf

So you’re tired but you’re alive

So open up your eyes

And you can get some sleep when you are dead

Kill the clock inside your head

Bring your normalcy to the edge

And watch it drown in new horizons

New horizons

Speaking of which… 😉 I listen to this song when I need to feel motivated. XD

Northern Sky—Capital Kings ft. KB

I’m following the only light in the northern sky

Give all that I got just to be alive

If you feel the same, put ’em up real high

The party don’t stop, we celebratin’ this life

Rock’s Not Dead—The Letter Black

To all the kids in the black t-shirts

In the middle of the pit, living ’til it hurts

It’s time to raise those fists and bang your head

Rock’s not dead

To the back of the class, tattoo, nose ring

To all the freaks who wouldn’t change a thing

Stand up now, let me hear you scream

Rock’s not dead


Once again I’ve broken, I’ve crumbled

I’m in pieces on the floor

Don’t you know that damage you’ve done is

Just irreparable

You’ll find me in the wreckage of a love so severe and it’s clear

I just don’t know what I’m doing

Your love left me in ruins

Won’t you ruin me again?

If you haven’t heard of Ledger, you’ve got to check her out! Her voice is amazing.

Take It Out On Me—Thousand Foot Krutch

So scream if you wanna, shout if you need

Just let it go (take it out on me)

Fight if you need to, smash if it helps you

Get control (take it out on me)

Take The Bullets Away—We As Human ft. Lacey Sturm

Am I worthless?

Am I filthy?

Am I too far gone for a remedy?

Will you help me?

‘Cause I’m dying

To be something more than a memory

(The lyric video to this song is great!!)


The God Who Stays—Matthew West

You’re the God who stays

You’re the God who stays

You’re the one who runs in my direction

When the whole world walks away

You’re the God who stands

With wide open arms

And You tell me nothing I have ever done can separate my heart

From the God who stays

Matthew West is hands down my FAVORITE SINGER OF ALL TIME!!! He’s actually been my favorite singer since I was like six or seven and listened to his songs on the radio. This in particular is an amazing song of his.

The One Of A Kind One—Social Club Misfits

Man, it ain’t my fault, don’t look at me

But I’ma have to ask y’all boys to leave

Right now

One of a kind, one of a kind, oh yeah

One of a kind, what do you like

The Reason For The World—Matthew West

But maybe the reason for the pain

Is so we would pray for strength

And maybe the reason for the strength

Is so that we would not lose hope

And maybe the reason for all hope

Is so that we could face the world

And the reason for the world

Is to make us long for home, home, home

The lyrics to this song are so powerful and filled with hope. ❤ This is probably one of my favorites by him.

The Resistance—Skillet

Magic, static, call me a fanatic

It’s our world, they can never have it

This is how we rise up

It’s our resistance, you can’t resist us

Through All Of It—Colton Dixon

I have won

and I have lost

I got it right sometimes

But sometimes I did not

Life’s been a journey

I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen regret

Oh and You have been my God

Through all of it

For those of you who don’t know… COLTON DIXON IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM!!! This is one of my favorite songs by him. ❤


Wish I had another chance

Maybe I’ll do better

Maybe I’ll do better

Maybe I’ll do better

Every time I think about all of my mistakes

I just wanna turn it around

Would It Matter—Skillet

If I wasn’t here tomorrow would anyone lose sleep

If I wasn’t hard and hollow

Then maybe you would miss me

I know I’m a mess and I wanna be someone

Someone that I’d like better

I can never forget, so don’t remind me of it forever

I listened to this song so much last year. It’s an amazing (if not sad) song.

You’re Gonna Be Okay—Jenn Johnson

Just take, one step, closer

Put one foot in front of the other

You’ll, get through this

Just follow the light in the darkness

You’re gonna be ok

And that concludes my (very, very long) post! I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe found a few songs that you liked, too. 😉 Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “Music Recommendations

      • Tabitha Schake

        I listened to a song called Wayfaring Stranger today, it was so sad! It is one out of a hundred of my favorite songs!
        A lot of people think I am weird, but I don’t like temporary Christian music, and I definitely don’t like rap! Those songs are good though, Jehosheba! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jehosheba

          Oh, cool! Who was it by? I’ll have to look it up! 😉
          Ha, ha… well, I don’t think you’re weird. I think more people think that I’m weird for liking the kind of music I do. *chuckles* But I’m good with that. XD


  1. avereynicolle

    Have you ever listened to Peace Be Still by Hope Darst? It’s so good and encouraging, 🙂
    You really should listen to more hymns! They’re so powerful.

    Liked by 2 people

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