My Life Lately

Howdy, people!

As I was looking through some of my recent blog posts, I realized that it’s been FOREVER since I gave an update on my life! Hopefully I’ll get into the habit of doing these more often, but for now I’m here to give you the rundown of what all I’ve been doing. Hope you enjoy!

I. Art

First of all, Nahum and I have been doing a lot of art recently. We both like drawing challenging, realistic things, so–after at least half an hour of deliberation–we decided to draw Smaug’s eye. We looked up a YouTube tutorial for this one and, although it took a while, we were both pretty happy with our end results! (He would never admit it, but Nahum’s one looked so cool in the end!!)


After that, Nahum and I decided to retake an art class that I had already done. We’re only on day three so far, but it’s been fun to do it together!

I got a bunch of art supplies for my birthday (which have been so fun to use!!!). I’ve been inspired to start a lot of pictures, but unfortunately, that inspiration has been dying halfway through the process.

I’ve also been obsessed with drawing hands. I go through phases quite frequently: last time it was birds . . . now it’s hands. 😉 It’s fun experimenting with different angles and looks.

II. Writing

During our recent trip to Greenville (which you can read about here on my sister’s blog), I got inspired for a story idea. I wrote out the general plot at 11:00 and wondered if I would even remember it in the morning. I started the actual story at the beginning of June and low and behold, I have . . . sixty pages. Hopefully I’ll stay inspired until I actually finish it.

I’ve also been writing a lot of flash fiction, short stories and random, rambling thoughts that make absolutely no sense. I was worried that I had lost my inspiration for writing completely, so I’m relieved to see it coming back again.

III. My birthday!!!

Yes, as you may be shocked to find out, I have finally turned fourteen. *cheers* I’ve been waiting for this year for so long, but now that I actually am fourteen, I’m sad to say that I don’t feel any different at all.

At any rate, I had an amazing birthday! I got a ton of fun gifts from my family and friends. We had a fun day out and about town on the day before my birthday, which you can also find on Hattush’s blog!! 😉 And I had an amazing cheesecake in the evening which felt like a perfect end to a perfect day. 😀 ❤

IV. Hair cut

After a few weeks of persuading and dissuading myself, I finally settled on getting a hair cut. I haven’t had my hair higher than my shoulders for as long as I can remember, so it’s taken some getting used to!

V. Other . . . Stuff . . .

In other news, Shadow and Nugget have been doing well and are getting used to my constantly playing with them. They’re warming up and it’s been so fun seeing even more of their personality come out!

Last week my grandparents came for a visit; and next week, I’ll finally say goodbye to my braces. We got our pool set up a little while ago and my siblings have enjoyed playing in it. Summer is a pretty busy season for my family and this year is no exception.  I’m looking forward to settling into a routine again, but for now, I’m thankful for my crazy life and am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Thanks for reading!

Jehosheba ❤

29 thoughts on “My Life Lately

  1. Esther

    Wonderful update!! You and your brother are wonderful artists. 😊
    I’m so glad you had a good birthday! I LOVE cheesecake as well; my mom has a killer recipe and it tastes SOOOO good! Cheesecake of any sort is always amazing.
    You actually look a lot like one of my friend’s friend (though she has her hair long). I love your new haircut, though! I’m thinking about getting mine cut; it’s pretty long and especially during the summer months it gets super hot. It’s also a pain to wash and brush as well! I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but we’ll see.
    Have a wonderful day!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Jehosheba Providence

      Aw, thanks! 😀
      Oh, cool! Cheesecake is so-o-o good. I had a caramel, fruit, peanut butter, chocolate, cookie dough cheesecake! I think it’s very rare that someone can combine all of those foods and actually have it taste good, but it was AMAZING.
      Ha, ha! Really?! So-o-o many people have told me that I look like some some person or other since I got my haircut. *laughs* Oh, yeah, that’s one of the reason I cut mine, too. *nods* :/ Anyway, I’m sure it’ll look great!


    • Jehosheba Providence

      Lol, thanks! I know, I felt the same way. But you might be surprised if you give it a try!! 😉 Aw, thanks. 😀


  2. Tabitha Schake

    Wow! That is amazing art! I definitely don’t draw that good! I hardly ever draw now anyway….I did get a new sketch book! Tell Nahum he did an excellent job! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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