About Averey

Hey there!!!

I’m one of the bloggers here at The Providential Blogger.
My name is Averey Nicolle F. and  I am a teenager with a strong passion for singing and music and now blogging!.  I play the violin, piano, and mandolin, and I have a banjo but it is s l o w process of learning it!!!

I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember, and have won a poetry contest in third grade at our local library, and the next year second place!!

My family means the world to me and time with them is a large priority! My mom is the best mom anyone could ask for, my dad is an amazing dad, and I love all 5 of my siblings!!!! I am a homeschooled child and wouldn’t change that for the world!
 I am also a child of God that is learning to trust and lean on Him more every day!