Minnesota Travels

HELLO-O-O-O!!! Well, I'm sitting here at my computer, wondering when pressing keys on a keyboard became so exhausting. I ran a brush through my hair this morning, but was too tired to finish the ritual and ended up leaving my hair alone for the moment. I'm curled up in a sweatshirt, hoping that no one … Continue reading Minnesota Travels

Please Welcome . . . Shadow And Nugget!!!

*takes deep breath* Guess what!!! *pauses for effect* For the past few weeks, my family has been talking about getting me and my siblings pets. After a few weeks of deliberation, Hattush decided to get sugar gliders. (Baruch was disappointed that she chose sugar gliders over a pet dog) We brought home Dreamer and Ink … Continue reading Please Welcome . . . Shadow And Nugget!!!

Photography Contest Results & Prompt Three!!!

Hey! Today I’m posting the results from week two of this photography contest! I was so excited to see your pictures! You all did amazing. I think this week was even harder than the last one. This week I get to have my incredible friend, Averey, helping me judge! We’ll both judge on creativity, skill, … Continue reading Photography Contest Results & Prompt Three!!!

Guest Post By Averey: What Color Are You?

Hey everyone!!! Today we have a very interesting guest post from my friend, Averey! If you haven't read any of her other posts, you can find them here, here and here!!! And now, please welcome... AVEREY!!! *applause* Okay everybody, sit back because you're in for an out-of-the-ordinary post today! So when I asked Jehosheba if … Continue reading Guest Post By Averey: What Color Are You?