What It Takes To Save The World

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I’m so sorry for my inconsistency in posting lately. August was way busier than I was expecting it to be. I discovered firsthand how easy it is to lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling while wondering why people ever said you procrastinated. I realized just how much I could write in one week and experienced the satisfaction of typing these two words: the end. I was also able to find out how inspirational (and distracting) Hamilton is when you’re trying to focus on something.

I didn’t realize how time consuming the little (and bigger) things in life could be. I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything–or I haven’t had time to do anything right, which bothers me. So I’m here to announce that I’ll be taking a break from my blog.

I mean, technically I’ve taken a bunch of breaks already. But this time I’ll be gone until October. I may post occasionally, but for the most part I’ll be off.

Hopefully you guys will be able to have some great adventures while I’m gone. I’ll probably have some stories to tell, too. I’ll be travelling to the middle of the earth, searching for gold and discovering the meaning of life. Maybe I’ll even find out what it takes to save the world.

Until next time,


My Life Lately

Howdy, people!

As I was looking through some of my recent blog posts, I realized that it’s been FOREVER since I gave an update on my life! Hopefully I’ll get into the habit of doing these more often, but for now I’m here to give you the rundown of what all I’ve been doing. Hope you enjoy!

I. Art

First of all, Nahum and I have been doing a lot of art recently. We both like drawing challenging, realistic things, so–after at least half an hour of deliberation–we decided to draw Smaug’s eye. We looked up a YouTube tutorial for this one and, although it took a while, we were both pretty happy with our end results! (He would never admit it, but Nahum’s one looked so cool in the end!!)


After that, Nahum and I decided to retake an art class that I had already done. We’re only on day three so far, but it’s been fun to do it together!

I got a bunch of art supplies for my birthday (which have been so fun to use!!!). I’ve been inspired to start a lot of pictures, but unfortunately, that inspiration has been dying halfway through the process.

I’ve also been obsessed with drawing hands. I go through phases quite frequently: last time it was birds . . . now it’s hands. 😉 It’s fun experimenting with different angles and looks.

II. Writing

During our recent trip to Greenville (which you can read about here on my sister’s blog), I got inspired for a story idea. I wrote out the general plot at 11:00 and wondered if I would even remember it in the morning. I started the actual story at the beginning of June and low and behold, I have . . . sixty pages. Hopefully I’ll stay inspired until I actually finish it.

I’ve also been writing a lot of flash fiction, short stories and random, rambling thoughts that make absolutely no sense. I was worried that I had lost my inspiration for writing completely, so I’m relieved to see it coming back again.

III. My birthday!!!

Yes, as you may be shocked to find out, I have finally turned fourteen. *cheers* I’ve been waiting for this year for so long, but now that I actually am fourteen, I’m sad to say that I don’t feel any different at all.

At any rate, I had an amazing birthday! I got a ton of fun gifts from my family and friends. We had a fun day out and about town on the day before my birthday, which you can also find on Hattush’s blog!! 😉 And I had an amazing cheesecake in the evening which felt like a perfect end to a perfect day. 😀 ❤

IV. Hair cut

After a few weeks of persuading and dissuading myself, I finally settled on getting a hair cut. I haven’t had my hair higher than my shoulders for as long as I can remember, so it’s taken some getting used to!

V. Other . . . Stuff . . .

In other news, Shadow and Nugget have been doing well and are getting used to my constantly playing with them. They’re warming up and it’s been so fun seeing even more of their personality come out!

Last week my grandparents came for a visit; and next week, I’ll finally say goodbye to my braces. We got our pool set up a little while ago and my siblings have enjoyed playing in it. Summer is a pretty busy season for my family and this year is no exception.  I’m looking forward to settling into a routine again, but for now, I’m thankful for my crazy life and am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Thanks for reading!

Jehosheba ❤

Avid Reader’s Award and Real Neat Blog Award!!!

Hey everyone!

I’ve realized that it’s been forever since I’ve done any tags, so here I am to catch up!

First of all, I was tagged for the Avid Reader’s Award by Kaley, who is the creator of this tag!! Thanks so much, Kaley!


The Rules:

  1. Display the blog award logo on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  3. Do not forget to link to their blogging website
  4. List your favorite five books
  5. Answer all the questions they gave you
  6. Nominate four bloggers of your choice
  7. Ask them ten questions

My Five Favorite Books:

Ah-h-h-h, this is so hard! How can I pick just five?! Well, okay, in no specific order, here are five of my favorite books!

  1. The Bible 
  2. Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)
  3. In God’s Underground (Richard Wurmbrand)
  4. Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)
  5. The Return (Lacey Sturm)

Kaley’s Questions:

     1. If you were forced to live in a book world, which would you live in?

Oh-h-h… maybe Narnia. I’ve wondered what Narnia would be like since I was seven or eight and watched the Narnia videos. XD

     2. What is one scene from a book that stuck with you? (We don’t have to get it, just say it!)

There are so-o-o many scenes from books that have stuck with me for whatever reason. The first one that comes to mind is the scene in Les Miserables where Enjolras kills the artillery-man. That part is so-o-o-o sad. I think everyone should read Les Mis.

     3. What is one imaginary object that you wish was real?

Oh, I don’t know! I guess I haven’t really thought about it much. Most of the fantasy stories I read are somewhat allegorical, so I suppose that everything in them is real to some extent.

     4. What cover of a book do you like best?


I love this picture, for whatever reason. 😛

     5. What book character do you relate to most?

Pierre Gringoire from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Victor Hugo), Hannah Lawson from October Baby (Eric Wilson), Dea from The Man Who Laughs (Victor Hugo), Christian from The Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan), Dick Desley from The Crown of Success (Charlotte Maria Tucker), Owen Reeder from The Wormling (Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry), Bryce Timberline from Red Rock Mysteries (Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry), Brianna, Manuel and Levi from The Prince Warriors (Priscilla Shirer), Amanda from Tales Of The Kingdom… there are SO many characters I see myself in. XD

     6. Which book villain do you hate the most?

Can I say Marius from Les Miserables? While he’s not “technically” the villain, he’s one of my least favorite characters of all time

     7. What is one book you can’t stand or can’t get into?

I found it pretty hard to get into In Times Of Peril (G. A. Henty) and Caged No More (Molly Venzke).

     8. What is one book character quote?

Love, the future is thine. Death, I make use of thee, but I hate thee. Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation.

(Enjolras from Les Miserables)

     9. Have you read any of my favorites?

I’ve read Luke and most of your Universe story!!!

     10. What is your favorite nonfiction book?

Probably In God’s Underground (Richard Wurmbrand), I Will Carry You (Angie Smith), It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way (Lysa TerKuerst) or The Return (Lacey Sturm). I love nonfiction.

My Nominees:

The Barefoot Bandit



Mr. Cookie 🙂

My Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite fiction series book?
  2. Do you have a favorite author?
  3. What’s your favorite story genre?
  4. What’s your favorite time period to read from?
  5. Do you have a favorite book character?
  6. What is the last book you read that made you cry?
  7. Do you like allegories?
  8. Do you write stories?
  9. How many hours do you estimate you read every week?
  10. What is the funniest book you’ve read recently?

Second, I was tagged by Rosy and Kaley for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks, guys!


The Rules:

  1. Display the blog award logo on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  3. Don’t forget to link to their blogging website
  4. Answer all the questions they gave you
  5. Nominate seven to ten bloggers of your choice
  6. Ask them seven questions

Rosy’s Questions:

     1. Would you rather travel to the past or future?

I would rather travel to the past. The thought of seeing the future is kinda terrifying, to be honest!

     2. What time period in history is the most fascinating to you?

WWII is really interesting, if not tragic, to read about.

     3. What’s your favorite meal?

I love Chinese food, pot pies and biscuits and gravy! 😛

     4. Favorite animal?

I don’t have a favorite animal as of right now.

     5. Who was the last person you emailed?

The last person I emailed was my friend, Kaley!

Kaley’s Questions:

     1. If you could choose one movie to watch twenty times in a row, starting right this minute, which would you choose? XD

Hmm… maybe Inside Out or one of those old Charlie Chaplin movies. XD (Some of them are pretty short and they can be hilarious…)

     2. You can switch siblings with a friend today. Who’s siblings? Why?

Ah… that’s such a hard question. I don’t know who I would switch with, honestly!

     3. Open the first drawer you see that you know isn’t embarrassing. What’s one item inside?

I saw my math disk sitting in one of them. XD

     4. What is one food you don’t like that most people seem to like?

I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise or chocolate. I also don’t like any kind of fish.

     5.  If you could live in another country for a year, which country?

Hu. Maybe Mexico or Japan. (It used to be my dream to move to India and adopt orphans… XD)

     6. Which one person do you see the most emails from in your inbox?

Right now, I have the most emails from my grandpa. =)

     7. In honor of the award name, what is something you think is real neat but most people don’t know about it?

I think that Hanukkah is a really neat holiday. I used to think that everyone celebrated it, but I’ve been surprised at how many people have no idea what it’s about!

And I nominate anyone who’s seen something that they label “real neat” in the past week!!! Have fun, guys!

My Questions:

  1. What’s one unusual color that you love?
  2. Do you like dominoes?
  3. What’s a little known fact about you?
  4. Do you like sweet or savory better?
  5. Have you read The Chronicles of Narnia?
  6. If so, which book was your favorite? (^^^)
  7. Are you into fashion?

Well, have a great day and thanks for sticking with me through this long post!

Three Ways To Keep Your Mind Off The Coronavirus

A lot of things have been going on over the past few months. Life for most of us has changed drastically as a result of the coronavirus. People seem to be panicking and losing their heads over the whole thing. That’s understandable! Meeting anything so unknown, powerful and totally out of our control is frightening.

So how do we find comfort in all of this? How do we keep ourselves from constantly being afraid?

Here I’d like to share some things that I’ve found to be helpful during this whole thing. This isn’t a checklist to feeling perfectly fearless and safe (if only it was that easy, right?), but it is a way to avoid dwelling on the fear and uncertainty.

Read God’s Word.

I’ve been struck with how many verses there are in the bible that are either really comforting or really good things to remember during this time. Here are a few that have stood out to me:

Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. (Philippians 4:8)

This verse is an amazing reminder to keep our thoughts from dwelling on the fear of our situation. Whenever we have thoughts that aren’t in line with this verse, we can know that those are not thoughts from God.

And your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope. (Job 11:17-18)

This is one of my absolute favorite verses. Reading through, we’re reminded that although the future may seem dark and uncertain, there is hope at the end of this.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. (James 1:17)

I find this to be a very poetic verse. In addition to that, though, we see that God is an unchanging God. “There is no variation or shadow of turning”: while the world around us is constantly changing, we serve a God who will never change.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

This verse clearly says to be anxious for NOTHING. It’s not wrong to prepare if you’re worried about catching the virus, but the ultimate control still belongs to God, not us. If it’s his will that you get sick, you’re going to get sick. We can’t stop it from happening, so why worry about it?

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)

God promises to give us peace. All we have to do is ask him for it and trust that he will fulfill his promises. (Psalm 145:13)

Read encouraging blog posts.

I’ve read a lot of great blog posts that have said some really good things on this subject. You can find the links below:









Listen To Encouraging Songs.

Music is a big part of my life and there are tons of encouraging songs out there! These songs are some great reminders:

All This Time—Britt Nicole

Through All Of It—Colton Dixon

Fighting—David Dunn


You’re Gonna Be Okay—Jenn Johnson

Better For You—Kutless

Unchangeable—Matthew West

Can’t Take Away—Mikeschair

Hero—Skillet (The music video that goes along with this is SO COOL, too!!!)


Those are a few ways to keep your mind off of the fear and focused on God’s truth and encouragement!

Have a great day! (And go look up those verses, blogs and songs… ;))


Unspoken: Can’t Even Love Myself

Hey everyone!

If you know me, you know that I love music. Like, I am crazily obsessed with it. A few days ago, my family went out to Lowes to pick up a few things and left Hattush and I at home. I put on my playlist and started cleaning. (Another thing you should know about me: I cannot stand messes… I look around my house and just want to organize or clean everything!)

After about thirty minutes, the song Can’t Even Love Myself by Unspoken stared playing. I hadn’t heard the song in a while and as I listened to the lyrics, I was reminded of how much I see myself in it. The whole song has so much depth packed into each word, which is one reason I love it so much.

After it had finished, I got the idea to write out my own thoughts on the song. Every line resonates with me so much that it ended up being pretty long! So… here are some of the lyrics from Can’t Even Love Myself and my thoughts on them…

(Warning: this is a longer post, so grab a cup of tea, settle down in your chair and get ready!)

Look into the mirror, what do I see?

All the imperfections that define me

So often I find myself staring at my reflection, wondering why I couldn’t look like so-and-so, or why my hair couldn’t have been a different color, or why God decided to make me look like I do. I’m sure we’ve all heard Psalm 139, in which David praises God for all his works. In verse 14, he says, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” That goes for everyone. But really, deep down, how many of us truly believe it?

God created us in his image. He created a masterpiece in us and while it’s sometimes hard to see, he has a purpose in every single detail.

I know the golden rule

Treat another like you want to be treated too

But lately I’ve been hating on myself it’s true

Beat up my heart ’til it’s black and blue

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees came to Jesus and asked him which commandment was the greatest. He replied, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-38)

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But simply by talking with people and hearing others talk, it’s become obvious that we are not loving ourselves. We compare ourselves to others, we mentally tell ourselves that we should do better… we’ve become unsatisfied with how God made us. So how are we to “love our neighbors as ourselves” if we’re constantly hating ourselves?

How can I love, can I love, can I love You

If I can’t even love myself?

Honestly, you can’t. You cannot always be hating everything about yourself, while fully loving everyone else. And as Christians, we’re called to show Jesus’s love to the entire world! If the world sees us being dissatisfied with who God made us to be, then we are not fully shining for him.

Trust me, it’s hard. There are days when I can’t find one single thing I like about myself and those are not days you want to be around me! But if we ask God for help and strength and embrace who he made us to be, we not only bring joy to ourselves, but to everyone around us.

I try to hide that I don’t feel worthy

But the truth it will always tell

What you carry always shows

What you bury it still grows

To be completely honest here, I don’t feel worthy. It’s this insecurity I’ve been carrying around since I was like ten: I’m not worthy of anything that anyone does for me. I need to work harder so that people will keep loving me.

And at times, I’ve pushed myself too hard. But what this song is saying is that you can’t hide your feelings of insecurity for long: it shows in your actions. Ever heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words?” If we’re carrying around a heap of guilt and insecurities, it will show in our actions.

And wow, that is… hard for me! See, I have the amazing(?) ability to hide my emotions. I bottle away whatever I’m feeling and bury it somewhere in my heart. I imagine that it goes away, but it doesn’t. “What you bury it still grows.” Those feelings of anger, or hurt don’t disappear: they get bigger over time. Sometimes you can’t see it, but other times it’s obvious.

I think what the lyrics here are trying to communicate is that when we try to hide our fears, or guilt, or self-hatred, most of the time it doesn’t work and even if it does, it’s not a long-term solution.

Normal conversation seems to get harder

I try to hold my tongue ’cause it’s been getting sharper

Oh-h-h. Ouch. Yeah, I can see this in myself. Whenever I’m having one of those days where I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, or am upset over some dumb mistake I made, I’ll get really snappy. I’m a rather sassy person and I know that my words can cause serious damage to my family. So to keep myself from saying things I’ll regret, I close myself off. This can also be known as “giving the cold shoulder”. It comes across to most people that I’m ignoring them and I end up really hurting or offending them.

I’d open up the gate but I can’t find the key

Maybe I’m afraid, afraid of what You’ll see

So often when something happens that hurts us or rocks our world, we’ll avoid conversation with people. Instead of opening our hearts (AKA, the gate) and letting someone share in our hurt, we hide in our closets. (Yes… I’m guilty of doing this once or twice)

A few weeks ago, something like this happened: my perfectly happy world was going great, but in a second everything kind of fell apart. I wanted to lock myself away in a dark hole and stay there for the rest of eternity, but I knew that it wasn’t right. Instead, I opened up to one of my friends about how I was feeling and we shared my sadness together, but also the joy and hope that the pain we experience on earth isn’t the end.
If I had completely closed myself away, I wouldn’t have been helping anyone. Instead, I would have added yet another bottle to my stash and planted another tree of hurt. We need to be honest. We need to be vulnerable. There are some bad people in the world, but there are also people God has given us in our life to help us.

I need you to pray for me

Need you to stay here with me

Though I’ve pushed you away from me

Don’t turn away from me

I feel like a lot of the time when we’re hurting, or unhappy with ourselves, we push others away. We tell ourselves that it’s more important to keep up some kind of image than to keep our friendships strong and healthy.

When we moved to Minnesota, I refused to allow myself to make friends. I knew that, because my family moves so often, sometime or other, we would just leave them again. Or maybe they would leave me. I’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes in my life, for one reason or another and they all hurt. Why would any sensible person risk being hurt?

This is still something I struggle with. I tell myself that I’m better alone: I don’t need anyone because if I have no friends, I have no chance of being hurt, or betrayed, or abandoned. But the truth is, I don’t want to be alone. When I’m pushing people away, I’m testing them to see just how long it will take before they leave.

“…for he has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’” (Hebrews 13:5)

Even if the whole world leaves you, you’ll never be alone. If your friends and family forsake you, you’ll never be forsaken. Jesus is by your side, fighting with you: fighting for you. And no matter how far you try to push him away, he’s never going to leave.

And that brings me to the end of my notes! Thanks for sticking with me through this whole thing (it ended up being almost three pages on my Word document!) and I hope that now you’ll go listen to the song for yourselves! It is really, a very encouraging and amazing song!

Okay, signing off here. Have a great day!


P.S. Just a reminder, if you’re participating in the photography contest, your pictures need to be in by the 27th. 😉 Thanks!

Interview With Mirona Stone

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today I’ve invited Hattush on my blog to do an interview with one of the characters from my recent story: Mirona. Thanks for doing this interview, Hattush, and I hope you all enjoy!

What is your  name & how old are you?

My name is Mirona Stone and I’m twenty years old- although the story spans over four years, so my age changes.

What is your greatest fear but biggest hope?

My greatest fear… hmm… I’d have to say that my greatest fear is losing my job and having to go back to my old city. I sort of ran away from there.

What are your thoughts on dogs in general?

Eh… I don’t really have an opinion on dogs. They’re okay, but I prefer cleaner and more organized animals- like cats.

If it started raining meatballs, what would your first reaction be?

Finding a giant tarp to throw over my house. Then I would start cleaning them up.

What is your family life like?

Both of my parents died before I was four. I was adopted by a kind family a few years later, but under extreme circumstances, I ended up running away.

Would you rather go to jail or be face to face with your second-greatest fear?

Oh-h-h-h, that’s hard. I think I’d rather go to jail, actually. *laughs*

Do you like candy?

No. Not at all. Candy is extremely bad for you in a lot of ways.

Who is your very best friend?

My best friend is named Kiarah. She was actually one of my only friends, until she died. *glares at Jehosheba* She and I got along well because neither one of us are very social; we didn’t have a lot of friends, but we had each other and that’s all we needed.

Do you have an enemy?

*growls* Yes, but our fights are more verbal than physical. He and I don’t agree on anything and are complete opposites. Jehosheba tells me that even though we fight all the time, we’re more alike than we think. I, personally, don’t believe her.

If your life was musical, what would the main song be called?

Hu. I guess it would be called… wow. This is a hard question. Invisible is one that comes to mind.

Do you like babies?

I don’t like cleaning up after them, but if you take away that aspect, then yes, I love babies.

Do you ever want to get married?

Not even a little bit. *laughs* I can’t see my opinion in the near future changing, either. Marriage is fine for some people, but it’s really not something I’m interested in.

What is the best possible thing that could happen at this moment?

Umm… I can see a few things: getting a raise in work, getting a bigger house, getting my first book published…

What’s the basic plot of your story?

Basically, I’m a poor young woman who ends up becoming the nurse to a rich thorl’s daughter. (Who also doubles as my enemy) In the end, we put aside our differences and work together to stop a thirty year long feud and save the life of his daughter. *nods*

And that brings us to the end of this interview! Thanks again for doing this, Hattush! (And Mirona)

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know more about my character!

Citizen Of Heaven

Hey everybody!

You might be confused about the title of this post. Well, turns out that “Citizen Of Heaven” isn’t just the title of my post. It’s also the title of…


Today, January 24th, Tauren Wells released a new album. Originally, I was going to write a quick summary on what I thought of each of the songs, but either I ran out of time or was too lazy.

One of the two.

At any rate, all I wanted to say was GO LISTEN TO CITIZEN OF HEAVEN!!! It’s an amazing album and worth your time. (My personal favorite was Perfect Peace)

Have a great day!



Well, that picture says it all. Guys… I’ve been gone.

On January 13th, I went on my VERY FIRST plane ride. Why? Orthodontics.

Let me explain: I have braces. But last October, we moved before all the adjustments and things were done. So, we decided to fly back to Minnesota and finish with the same orthodontist.

Flying was not at all how I had imagined. It would have been very, very, very, very, VERY boring if it hadn’t been for the views.





^^^ That one was my favorite. XD Sorry, Hattush.

We got to Minnesota, went to our appointment, had a hilarious girls night and at last, we flew back home. (That’s my quick version…)

And also, I realize that I haven’t posted in FOREVER!!! So I’m sorry about that and will hopefully get back on track. 😉

Thanks for reading!



Some of you may be wondering why I’ve disappeared from the blogging “world” and the answer is as simple as these two words:

We’ve moved.

Of course, when you think about how busy moving makes you (for all of you who have experienced it), with cleaning, little siblings to watch, Christmas presents to figure out and- oh yeah, no internet- then it’s pretty obvious why I haven’t been posting.

So about that: I’m sorry and I will hopefully be back in a few days! Thanks for reading!

I’m Back!

Hello people!!!


I’ve finally returned! Our move went amazing! We are currently staying at an Airbnb where we’ll be for the next few weeks. Thanks to all my beloved pen pals and friends who prayed for us during this move! Love you all! ❤